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Frequently asked questions

Chat rules:

Our chat is not allowed to abuse, and any rude character nonnormative vocabulary. Our system eliminates (hides) "forbidden" words, but, unfortunately, there are many ways to (trick), the player of this "filter" s sake. If your words are hidden by the system, this means that using this word is forbidden in our chat, and avoidingthe "filter" may cause yourblocking in the chat.
How do I do if someone insults me in the chat?
Remember that Adjarabet prohibits use of human abuse and obscene words. Please, do not take part in the incorrect "chat". Despite that we try our best to control all our tablesand do not let rudeness and the players abuse, we will need your active help to protect reputation of Adjarabet and provide a pleasant (comfortable) environmentfor all participants, please do not reply on even offensive challenges, because your incorrect answer of same type, as well as a "provocateur", you will be restricted from participating in the chat).


What should I do if all tables are full?
If the table is completely full, you can put your name in the waiting list. Once a place on the table is available, a player onfirst place in the list is able to take, or refuse it. You can also take a seat at other table, meant for same game or same limit. Often players join the game immediately, as soon as someone will take at least one empty seat at the table.
What happens if the server connection is lost for any reason?
In case of losing connection with server while playing in our poker - room it will be considered you have made a bet. So, your bank deposits to be protected, and if you have the best hand, but nobody is going to make another bet, you become a "candidate" of your part in the bank.
What is the minimum amount of money needed to participate in the game?
The minimum amount of money needed to participate in the game, the minimum bet for the same game, multiplied on 10. For example, a game where the minimum bet is 1 - GEL, amount of minimum money neededis 10 GEL. Remember, that's all the game on Adjarabetis being played with “play money".
How can I find out the minimum amount of play money in the bank?
The sum of amount0 on all Adjarabet tables, including the current bets, is shown in the dealer graph. At the end of every betting round, all the chips are collected in the center of the table.
How to move (switch) points to "play for fun"?
Usually the points are "switching" occurs automatically, afterthe "spending" (finishing).
Does the system give us the opportunity to hide my winning hand
No, it is not possible. If you end the game and you make the best out of your hand, it will be shown automatically. The rule of winning hand protects you from losing.
How is calculated the table of best players?
The best players table is based on allplayers weekly earnings and the results of the cash game.


Where can I find flash player?
You can find flash player download and updates on “macromedia” web-page. Click here to make sure you are using the latest version.
Deposit on your own account:
There are different ways to deposit money to your account. Quickest among them is to use your credit card. Other alternatives are listed in Appendix "about payment". In order to support ("Promotion") Adjarabet takesnow care of all expenses. In the future we may establish fees for processing credit cards, since the present value of cash transfers is an important part of our budget.Adjarabet takes careof such kind oftransfer fees in orderto support you. In the future, it is possible that transfer costs will be imposed on consumers, because the vast majority of budgetis spent on these costs.
Cash withdrawal from "player account":
There are different ways to withdraw money: If you made a deposit through MoneyBookers or Click &Buy , then you can ask your account to be re – accredited fromthe account where the deposit is made. You must prove the validity ofyour account through your ID copy credit card you use. If you made your deposit through Western Union or bank transfer, you will receive the funds in your checking account only. Note: Copies of the ID and credit card is sent via email.


Is it allowed to have another or several accounts, in case you want to play with different names?
No! Player may only have one account.
Forgot my name or password. What should I do?
How can I change my personal profile?
It can be changed at any time. Simply click on "Personal Information" on Adjarabet home page and change the necessary information.
How to secure Adjarabet account safety?
You are solely responsible for your password. I will never deal with your account details.We never ask you to send us password. You will need it only when you login Adjarabet system
How well protected are we while playing on Adjarabet?
It is necessary to protect the game from threats such as team play (collusion) or any kind of unwanted activity. Adjarabet Poker is using speciallydevelopedprotection systems for poker. We are doing everything to make your game to be safe. We constantly test the automated systems and games with the help of our staff. You can as well help us in creating a more reliable protection: Please contact us if you find anything strange or suspicious, or violation of the rules of the game.
Is the game legal?
In order to participate in Adjarabet gamesyou must be 21 years old (or older). Note that the online poker game could be illegal in some countries. Please check local law before the start of the game.
Technical requirements
What kind of computer do we need?
We recommend Intel / AMD processor or above 11GHz frequency and 256 MB of RAM, as well as the operating system Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista or Mac OSX and Internet Explorer 6.0 (or newer) or Mozilla Firefox Internet - browsers
How can I fix my screen?
Use minimum resolution of 1024 X 768 millions of colors for the best vision.
Is there neededto downloadadditional software?
No! Adjarabet is fully available on your hard drive without any additional download. It is necessary and enough to have Flash player 8 program. Have more questions? Our 'support service' is available 24 hours a day - just send an email.

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Manage your poker balance using the button "Cashier" located in the poker lobby
Transferring Poker3d balance to the Poker balance is possible through the main balance




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